Concrete Coring and Cutting

Coring drills are used to create clean openings with minimal effect to surrounding structure. Whether you are trying to locate through hard surface, install plumbing/ electrical etc. through concrete/ masonry walls. We have the means and expertise to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently, by means of our highly trained staff. We also offer emergency call out services.

We core holes through concrete, asphalt, brick, stone, and masonry structures.  Diamond core bits, along with various types of drills, are used to create the hole for you.  All of our vehicles are equipped with a wide variety of bit and drill sizes in order to serve you better. 

Slab sawing is an effective method of precisely cutting asphalt or concrete.

  • Cut through thick slabs, road structures, bridge decks.
  • Cut through foundation walls for new openings ie. windows/doors/access to utilities

We use saws of all types to ensure we can adhere to your diverse needs and requests. From large deep cutting diesel slab saws and walk behind floor saws to walls saws and concrete chainsaws.

Please call for further information.